Well, here it is. The fruit of all my crazy balloon camera labours for Burning Man 2000. Not quite the impressive dramatic photos I’d hoped for, but at least I got something despite the inclement weather.

The relentlessly insane winds this year meant I wasn’t able to get the altitude I wanted for the rig. More gruesome details in the FAQ section of the site.

Avengers Camp

Centre Camp

Face on Mars

Heart Avenue

Looking west




Camera rig

Flying high


A bunch of people helped with this stuff this year. Thanks go to Derek Junck and Mike Shannon for keeping the balloon lines under control while I operated the camera, miz jewelz of the Burning Man Department of Mutant Vehicles for the art car licence, Emily Short for researching helium distributors in Seattle, Sara Wilson for being fab driving company and patiently putting up with my helium and lens filter errands in Seattle, Judy Amster, Ivan Cockrum and Matthew & Laurie Amster-Burton for helping with picking up gear shipments, Chad and Tania at Moods for my hair, (cos a balloon cam operator’s gotta look good on the playa), Tim Oberthier for the 12VDC-110VAC power inverter, Keith Dunsmuir at Lens and Shutter on Broadway in Vancouver for good camera advice and my parents for their support.

I’d also like to thank KAP (kite aerial photography) enthusiasts worldwide who have built up a fine collection of KAP resources online. These pages were invaluable when it came time to design and build my balloon camera rig.

These images are copyright © 2000 NK Guy.
Please don’t use them or copy them or whatever without asking me first. Thanks.

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