From: Christopher Weeks <>
Subject: [Burning Man Vancouver]
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 23:48:16 +0000

A number of people have asked about a basic packing list for Burning Man. The following is a list we created last year to help with the shopping and packing process. The food area is not detailed, so you're on your own there. Hope this helps stimulate your thoughts and make your preparation process more fun! If anyone has helpful additions, send them on. It always helps to see what other people are taking.


Chris & Rick's Burning Man Checklist from last year - updated August 2, 2001

Food Related:

Remember that fresh fruit & some veggies may not be allowed across certain US state lines (like California) and of course you can't take it across the border either. It's best to purchase your fruit & veggies in Nevada.

(note from NK Guy - the border into California is the only internal American border where you will be stopped at an agricultural checkpoint, and if you come into Nevada from the north the problem is that there simply isn't anywhere you can really buy produce before you hit the playa.

So if you take the northern route you can either buy your produce in Alturas, California or, if you're troubled by the fact that grocery stores in Alturas have a lousy selection, you can buy it in Washington and Oregon and see what the California agriculture people are after. Last year, for example, the inspector was only concerned about mangoes and didn't care about any of the other stuff we had.

If they do insist on confiscating your food you could always point out that you're going to be driving straight through to the Nevada desert through a tiny corner of California and thus should not be posing any threat to the Californian agricultural industry, and see what they say. Of course, if you enter Nevada from the west you can do all your produce shopping in Reno.)

General Camp & Survival Stuff:

Amenities / toys: Clothing:


Stuff for your new-found playa friends / items to barter. Use your imagination.