• Name: Temple interior
  • Caption: As far as I know, nobody has ever photographed the interior of a Burning Man temple burn before.

    To pull this one off, I employed a solid steel armoured box equipped with a tempered glass window. My DSLR and fisheye lens were tucked inside, and fired via a radio remote. I stood a safe distance away, at the end of a steel cable and hundreds of feet of rope.

    The searing heat was intense. The liquid you see is burning accelerant, flooding down into the wood below.

    I pulled the camera out, in a desperate mad scramble of pulling cable hand over hand, just in time. Moments after this shot was taken, pieces of burning wood began hurtling down, and everyone outside at the front line had to fall back because of the blazing heat. In fact, the box was too hot to touch when I got it back. But the camera was just fine.