• Name: Raygun Gothic Rocketship
  • Caption: The Rocketship, by Sean Orlando, David Shulman, Nathaniel Taylor, John Manyjohns, and a crack team of spacecraft engineers.

    The name Raygun Gothic derives, incidentally, from William Gibson's 1981 short story The Gernsback Continuum, where the term is used to describe a sort of 1930s and 1940s design sensibility; creating a streamlined modernist style for a future that never actually happened. I've always liked this story, which was written from the point of view of a photographer working on a fictional book titled The Airstream Futuropolis: The Tomorrow That Never Was. I wouldn't say it was an utterly life-changing read for me or anything, but I would say that reading the story as a teenager helped form a lot of ideas in my head about what a photographer is and what they do.

    "Every so gently, I went over the Edge -
    And looked up to see a twelve-engined thing like a bloated boomerang, all wing, thrumming its way east with an elephantine grace, so low that I could count the rivets in its dull silver skin, and hear - maybe - the echo of jazz."

    - William Gibson, the Gernsback Continuum